About Timo

Professional Information

Timo studied at the University of Ottawa, earning a Bachelor’s of Science, Honours in Computer Science, with a Magna Cum Laude distinction. He was also enrolled in the co-op programme and gained work experience in both government agencies and the private sector.

Upon graduation in 1995, Timo began work for AMS Management Systems Canada Inc., a consulting firm in Ottawa whose parent company (AMS Inc.) was based out of Fairfax, Virginia. He gained a large breadth of technical expertise, working on different projects for various government departments (DFAIT, NRCAN, PWGSC, DND, Commonwealth of Kentucky) and some private sector companies (Royal Bank, CPA). On many occasions, he was brought into projects to help troubleshoot critical issues and assist in implementing solutions on tight deadlines. Timo gained knowledge and experience in a wide variety of techincal skills such as Java, .NET technologies, PowerBuilder, web management and publishing. He pursued team lead opportunities and handled client relationship liaison roles, which gave him a greater understanding of project business processes beyond merely programming.

CGI, a consulting firm based in Montreal, Quebec, acquired AMS in 2004 and Timo continued his technical consulting work for CGI. During the past few years, he has focused his work on providing technical support and development for the RDIMS document management solution, implementing procurement websites in the Ariba spend management product suite, and managing software environments on the web and in the cloud for a Case Management software solution.

Outside of his normal work life, Timo has volunteered his computer expertise to a number of private causes, building and managing websites of organizations and churches, as well as providing technical computer support.

Personal Information

Timo was born, raised and has lived most of his life in Ottawa, Canada. However, he is a world traveller and has visited or lived in places such as Germany, Finland, Tanzania, Guatemala, Ecuador and Japan. Timo has a personal creative nature, which has led him to do some songwriting, cartoon drawing, creative fiction writing and some minor filmmaking. He is also a worship leader and musician, leading worship at his local church as well as churches in the community. Timo is married to Leah Jaakkimainen; they live in Ottawa and are raising their daughters Isabel and Sarah.

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